A-rod says “If it ain’t bending, you’re pretending”

Hi guys, two announcements for you, Phil has invited all our membership to stay at his cottage at Lac Ste. Marie this Saturday after the workout. If you are interested in joining, don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.

Also, with the class sizes growing lately, we as coaches would appreciate it if you all did your best to be on time for classes, so that we can give you all as much time as possible to complete the daily programming. Bearing this in mind, much of what is posted here is significantly more volume than what many of you need so it will fall to the coach’s discretion to omit certain aspects of the program with certain clients/classes.

15′ Alternating Minutes
5 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
10 Walking Lunges
15 Double-unders

Skills 1
1) Angel Drops
2) RDL
3) RDL + Hip Extension
4) Highest Hang Snatch
5) Highest Hang Clean
6) BTN Push Press/Jerk

Every 30″ for 5′
1 Highest Hang Snatch

HBBS 5×3 @84%
F. Squat 10×3 @89%

Metabolic Conditioning
50 KB Swings (24/16)
20 Toes to Bar