Griffin making some serious overhead squat progress!!

Hey Everyone, as we move from focus on the HBBS to more general weightlifting strength and speed work I think it will be of value to take on two different options for warm-ups, as of next week we will be incorporating both the Burgener and the A.M. warm-ups. To start we will be doing them with PVC pipe before the skill warm-up, eventually moving on to a barbell. Tomorrow we will be retesting the HBBS, and next week we will begin a modified version of the Burgener Squat program.

The Burgener Warm-up and Skill Transfer Exercises

The A.M. Warm-up

Snatch Warmup from Spencer Arnold on Vimeo.

Even Minutes: +3 C2B Pull-ups
Odd Minutes: +2 HSPU

10′ EMOTM 2 Snatch

a) 5×5 5″ Pause Front Squat
b) 5×5 Glute Ham Raise

Metabolic Conditioning
Alternate every 30″ until fail
10 burpees
5 snatches (135/95)